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We are excited and proud to present Politiken Literary Agency’s list of news as well as our wide-ranging backlist.

Under “Catalogue” you will find a thorough presentation of the newest titles of this autumn season, while “Titles and authors” lets you browse through a comprehensive overview of previously published titles throughout the years.

We are, of course, happy to help you with anything from sample translations, summaries, reviews and foreign sales – to information on translation grants and even co-operation on marketing plans and help with organizing visits and tours with the authors in your country.
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Jesper Stein - Aisha

New book in the series about Axel Steen. A man is found mutilated and tortured to death in a penthouse apartment on Amager at the prestigious building 8tallet. Chief inspecotr Axel Steen is on the case.

Jussi in interview on his 6th book on Department Q

In the middle of his usual hard-won morning nap, with his legs on the desk in the basement of police headquarters, Carl Mørck, head of Department Q, receives a call from a colleague from the Danish island of Bornholm. 

Voller Sofie
Sofie Voller
Head of Foreign Rights
+45 33 47 07 93
Urban Rasmussen Rudi
Rudi Urban Rasmussen
Literary Agent
+45 20 89 31 88
Skov Wacher Helle
Helle Skov Wacher
International PR Co-ordinator
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Gustav Cornelius Bigum
Foreign Rights Assistant
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